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UA peer ministers prepare Lenten activities

Urusline Academy Junior Anna Ruzicka, Junior Natalya Holtz, Junior Molly Hibbs, and Senior Teresa Miller with the banner.

Another Lenten season is upon us, and Ursuline’s Peer Ministers want to make sure it is a transformative one.

The student leaders prepared Lenten initiatives to deepen the reason for the season. Ursuline will have an Ash Wednesday Mass shortly after 10 a.m. in the Jane Neuhoff Athletic Center and offer daily challenges during Lent.

“The Peer Ministers worked hard to come up with several Lenten initiatives to deepen our experience,” Pastoral Life Coordinator Angie Jakubik said. “Our banner-sized display in the cafeteria will be a prominent visual reminder for us to live Lent on a daily basis.”

She said the banner will have 40 stepping stones for the 40 days of Lent, upon which we walk with Jesus through the season. Underneath each stepping stone is a specific activity students can do as a Lenten devotion. The challenges will be revealed daily and include: spending 10 minutes in prayer, limiting social media usage, researching a saint, and writing a thank-you card.

Theology teachers have also planned Lenten activities, and Peer Ministers will read inspirational quotes during morning announcements.

— Ursuline Academy