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St. Mark students shine at robotics contest

Front row left to right: Andrew Abraham, Jeremiah Boban, Jason LaPorte, Renil Gupta, Louie Traister, Daniel Ashwander, Jonas Aronsson, Alejandro Delgado-Juarbe, Paul Sanchez, Loe Cano Back row left to right: Nataly Montemayor, Hannah Rodrigues, Corina Hernandez, George Lewis, Amelia Mappus, Peter Kerutis, Alex Miller, Biya Cham, Miley Strittmatter, Sophie Karthik and Gabriela Marques


Teams from St. Mark the Evangelist Catholic School in Plano excelled at the Dallas Diocesan Robotics Competition at St. Monica Catholic School on April 4.

In the arena competition, St. Mark teams placed first, second and third while the Plano school’s inventions teams placed first and third.

The team of Loe Cano, Amelia Mappus, Peter Kerutis, Corina Hernandez and Gabriela Marques placed first in inventions. The team of George Lewis, Louie Traister, Daniel Ashwander and Andrew Abraham placed second in the arena competition. The team of Biya Cham, Alejandro Delgado-Juarbe, Jonas Aronsson and Alex Miller placed first in the arena competition. The team of Jason LaPorte, Renil Gupta, Nataly Montemayor, Miley Strittmatter, Hannah Rodrigues and Sophie Karthik placed third in inventions. The team of Jeremiah Boban, Paul Sanchez, Christopher Schuler and Alex Colangelo placed third in the arena contest.